Struggle's of the Meek to Supplant the Strong

Mythallen Strikes!

Session 5


Ikolus and Chaz follow the tracks of the player’s to their post spider fight camp. Once everyone rests for 2 hours, they break camp and head out to catch Mythallen. After a few hours of quick marching, they come upon Vintiver.

They can see that the village is on fire, and the darkspawn have nearly overrun it. Blood Crows, Revengers, and Mythallen stand in the town square, with other Darkspawn fighting villagers at the inn. The players head to attack. Mythallen is battling Coalan, but fells him quickly once the p.c.‘s arrive. The player’s meet the attacking Blood Crows and Revenger’s head on, while Mythallen walks up to join the fight. An intense battle ensues. Bob, Va’Kil, and Ikolus all drop to zero at different points, and the healer’s mana reserves are stretched to the max.

Mythallen takes a lot of damage from the player’s focus fire, but then goes berserk, and begins absorbing Blood Crows to heal himself, as well as acting twice per turn himself. Realizing that the Crows are healing him, and that the Revenger’s are putting out a lot of damage, the party focuses on defeating his minions first. It is close, but they manage do down all his minions, and return to focusing on Mythallen. With a bare handful of health and mana left, the players manage to bring Mythallen down with a flurry of blows. He turns into a murder of Blood Crows, and they scatter to the wind, leaving a single Large dead crow behind.



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