Struggle's of the Meek to Supplant the Strong

Mythallen Strikes!
Session 5


Ikolus and Chaz follow the tracks of the player’s to their post spider fight camp. Once everyone rests for 2 hours, they break camp and head out to catch Mythallen. After a few hours of quick marching, they come upon Vintiver.

They can see that the village is on fire, and the darkspawn have nearly overrun it. Blood Crows, Revengers, and Mythallen stand in the town square, with other Darkspawn fighting villagers at the inn. The players head to attack. Mythallen is battling Coalan, but fells him quickly once the p.c.‘s arrive. The player’s meet the attacking Blood Crows and Revenger’s head on, while Mythallen walks up to join the fight. An intense battle ensues. Bob, Va’Kil, and Ikolus all drop to zero at different points, and the healer’s mana reserves are stretched to the max.

Mythallen takes a lot of damage from the player’s focus fire, but then goes berserk, and begins absorbing Blood Crows to heal himself, as well as acting twice per turn himself. Realizing that the Crows are healing him, and that the Revenger’s are putting out a lot of damage, the party focuses on defeating his minions first. It is close, but they manage do down all his minions, and return to focusing on Mythallen. With a bare handful of health and mana left, the players manage to bring Mythallen down with a flurry of blows. He turns into a murder of Blood Crows, and they scatter to the wind, leaving a single Large dead crow behind.

Spider's, Why Did it Have to be Spider's!?
Session 4


Buttercup and Crackers decide they are ready to leave the camp from session 2. They head through the woods, following Va’kil, Bob, and Graels path to the fallen tree bridge. There, after a close call with Buttercup, they find their way across with the assistance of Bob’s rope.

They continue onward to a dark and twisted forest valley. Just when things start to get really creepy, they come upon a ruined tower, obviously damaged by sorcery and war long ago. After a cursory exploration of the surface area, they come upon a staircase down that looks to have seen recent use. At the bottom of the stairs, they encounter a trio of Fanged Skeletons. One has a bow and the other two swords.

Battle is engaged, and Va’kil is swarmed by the two sword wielding Skeletons, as well as shot by the bow wielding one. Bob assists Va’Kil while Buttercup charges and disarms the bow skeleton. Crackers and Grael blast the skeletons with magic while Buttercup puts a hurt on the now disarmed bow skeleton. The party defeats the skeletons handily after the initial surge.

Va’Kil leads them further into the underground chamber, where he triggers a trap, causing debris to fall on his head. Luckily his armor protects him from most of the damage. Down the hall, they find some ruined storage rooms, and some imprisoned Dalish elves. They speak to the leader, Lorekeeper Orellis, who informs them about Mythallen‘s origins. They also find out that Mythallen has left with the Revengers to attack Vintiver. One of the Dalish offer’s to guide them on a shortcut he knows to help them catch up.

The players head out, and make quick progress through the forest. Unfortunately, they are ambushed by a Giant Spider, and her spiderlings. A brutal fight ensues, with several players coming close to be knocked out of the fight. Ginger arrives just in time to turn the tide in the player’s favor, and they successfully defeat the spider. Everyone is wounded, and mana reserves have been exhausted. The players decide to rest for a few hours to get some mana/health back.


Into the Wild
On the trail of tears.


Ginger Firebeard
Grael Sismoor


Shiver me Vintiver's
From the Village to the Darkspawn infested forest.

Session 2


The player’s enter the Village of Vintiver. They take Eshara to the Chantry temple, and meet Sister Arda. Sister Arda decides to help them by taking Eshara in and tending to her wounds. Meanwhile, Grael and Bob go to the Arbor Inn, where they meet Ginger Firebeard, Va’Kil, and Ikolus.

Meanwhile, Crackers is lounging outside the Chantry building, and notices a crowd about to form.

In the inn, Bob talks to the innkeeper, and gets the background of what happened at the Harvest Festival 2 weeks prior. Ginger meets the innkeepers young daughter, who seems to want to be friends.

The crowd in the commons gets larger, and Crackers points them out to Grael and Buttercup when they leave the Chantry building. Grael and Buttercup approach the crowd, which seems to be angrily muttering about elves and such. An argument begins to brew, and the p.c.’s in the Arbor Inn hear the commotion, and head outside. The crowd seems to be lead by Coalan, the town blacksmith, who had earlier gotten into a fight with an Elvish hunter at the Harvest Festival.

The players, led by Ginger Firebeard, argue with the crowd. Several intimidate attempts are made to little effect, but some basic persuasion works. The crowd begins to fizzle, and the arrival of Sister Arda to shame them forces them to disperse.

Sister Arda informs them that Eshara has woken up. Eshara tells them about the events that happened to the Dalish, and about her narrow escape. She draws a map for the player’s to the lair of Mythallen.

The player’s set out immediately, and after several hours of travel, set up camp. Buttercup builds a defensive tiger pit, then drinks herself into a stupor. Chaz joins in the drinking. Chaz’s drunkeness causes him to fall asleep on watch, but luckily Crackers is awake and notices creepy laughter in the forest. She wakes up everyone but Buttercup (who is way to drunk to awaken), and they prepare for an attack.

Bob heads away from the camp to scout, and stumbles right on top of some Revenger‘s creeping up on the camp. He flees back towards the campfire, and the creature’s attack. The initial surge of the Darkspawn nearly downs several players, especially Ikolus, who is gravely wounded. Chaz is able to assist Ikolus, an the Revengers beging to fall to the player’s counterattack. After several Revengers fall, the rest flee.

The player’s discover that the Revengers turn into Dalish elves upon death. It would seem that the Dalish are being transformed into Darkspawn!


Farm of DOOM
Session 1

- Character’s:

The player’s are on their way to find work with a Bann that want’s people to explore the Brecilian Forest.

While on the road, they approach Vintiver, a village known mostly for grape farming.

The road lead’s through Fuldor’s Farm, where they discover that the Fuldor family and their farmhand’s have been slaughtered.

The player’s are attacked by a pack of 6 Blight Wolf’s, which they defeat after a small struggle.

When exploring the farm, they find the bodies of several women and children inside the main farmhouse, as well as the elven word “Mythal” inscribed in blood. Bob realizes that this is the name of the Elven god of vengeance. Also, the bodies seem to have been slain by some force other than the Blight Wolves.

A search of the barn finds Eshara wounded in the hayloft. She attempts to crawl away, but passes out. The player’s heal most of here wounds with magic, but one of the wounds seems more persistant.

The players decide to continue to Vintiver, bringing the wounded Elf with them.

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